Carlisle Bowenwork

Center for Wholistic Health and Wellness


Welcome to Carlisle Bowenwork Center for Wholistic Health and Wellness. I'm Nancy Bittinger, and I'd like to introduce you to an exciting new type of therapy that's changed my outlook on body work. I've been a certified massage therapist since 1994. My colleague Deb Galbraith has been a massage therapist since 1980. We're both skilled in multiple forms of body work, also available at our center.


When I learned about Bowenwork, I reacted as most people do: with a healthy dose of skepticism. But personal experience quickly taught me that Bowen works. If you're like many of us, searching for a path to recovery - from pain, injury, trauma, grief, or stress, to name but a few - I'm confident that this website will provide a valuable tool in your quest for balanced health. My goal here at Carlisle Bowenwork is to help you achieve a better quality of life through original Bowenwork techniques in their purest form.


BOWENWORK was developed in Australia by Mr. Tom Bowen in the 1950′s, and is now practiced in 25 countries. Bowenwork is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modality. It is renowned for its effectiveness in stimulating true healing from within the brain. Through gentle and yet powerful moves, even long-standing problems “unwind” and balance is restored. 

"Bowen is simple, straightforward, and deliberate. It works with the body and what it presently needs, causing the body to stimulate healing from the inside out, in the reverse order that issues or conditions came. It also allows the body to heal what it knows is most important first as it aligns with and draws on its own optimal health and healing blueprint once again. The body does the work, not the practitioner. Bowen just simply opens pathways that have been dormant. Once the pathways are opened, neural-chemical changes instantaneously radiate throughout the entire body at lightning speed, setting off numerous chains of events that directly and powerfully impact every system, organ, and muscle in the body to varying degrees. The results of the overall impact on the body produce monumental shifts that can actually be felt during a typical Bowen treatment."
~Dr. Raymond Augustyniak, Ph.D.